Contact City Council and tell them to Save the Central Park Horse Carriages!

Before any changes can be made to the NYC carriage industry - be it a ban or a reform - the 51 members of the City Council have to vote and pass a law amending the NYC Administrative Code, which defines and regulates the Carriage trade business.

We hope that the City Council will have  more sense than to ban a well-regulated, highly-visible, popular and iconic  piece of New York City.  Th.e Central Park Horse Drawn Carriages are consistently ranked one of the top five attractions in New York City  To make sure that the Council knows that both New Yorkers and visitors alike are appalled at the idea of banning NYC's horse carriages, please take the time to write or call the Council Members. 

We're in the process of automating this but in the meantime you may use the following link to reach your Council Member.

My Letter to Ben Kallos, NYC Council Member 

June 2, 2014 Follow Up Letter to Ben Kallos, NYC Council Member

June 3, 2014 Letter to Ruben Wills, NYC Council Member

June 4, 2014 Letter to Vincent Ignizio, NYC Council Member

June 8, 2014 Letter to Inez Barron, NYC Council Member

June 8, 2014 Letter to Vincent Gentile, NYC Council Member

June 9, 2014 Letter to Stephen Levin, NYC Council Member