My Investigation of the E91st St MTS


The City of New York and Mayor DeBlasio have been building a Marine Transfer Station otherwise known as  garbage dump in the middle of Yorkville, a residential neighborhood in Manhattan.  

The facility will be the only transfer station in all of New York City that sits in a residential neighborhood.  There's a reason why these type of industrial facilities are not sited in residential neighborhoods.  Besides the traffic congestion, noise and smell from the garbage, there is the issue of children and others breathing in diesel exhaust and the risks from the garbage trucks themselves.  Garbage trucks kill 40x the number of people that taxis do. IconicNYC looked into just what that means for the 100,000 children that use the crosswalk near Asphalt Green, a park where 150,000 trucks will enter the East 91st MTS being built. 

We wanted to show just how physically big the blind spots are on garbage trucks. It really is scary when you see the size of them and realize that there are small children running about. How many times does a child run away a few feet from their caretaker? It really is a dangerous situation that the city has created. 

I was told by a garbage truck driver that he is not able to see a small car that was in his blindspot. A child is impossible. It seems incredulous to me that the politicians across the board acknowledge that children will be hurt/killed by placing the MTS where it is and refuse to do anything about it because of political correctness. Government above all should be there to protect the most innocent who cannot defend themselves -- children.

Please share this the link to the video 


Please email it to your friends, council members, the mayor, the governor and the media. Perhaps then we'll get the point across that this facility does not belong in a residential neighborhood. If they ask you what should we do with the platform. Tell them let's build a park instead. Our own Highline on the East River.