De Blasio admits Defeat in his effort to Ban the Famous Horse Drawn Carriages of Central Park

Yesterday, Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted that he did not have the votes in the NYC City Council to ban the Horse Drawn Carriages from Central Park.

I started IconicNYC in March 2014 because I did not want to see an important part of New York’s heritage and a treasured part of my childhood, senselessly disappear.

Early on, during my postcard campaign, I realized that the battle was for more than just the horses. It also was about the 300 drivers and their families.  Over the course of my campaign I saw our Mayor denigrate these men. Call them immoral because they drove a horse carriage. 

My experience was different.  I found these men to be some of the most genuine people I have ever met.  Standing with union leaders and carriage drivers I called the Mayor out on the steps of City Hall telling him, "Mr. Mayor, Driving a Carriage is NOT Immoral!"

I am proud of having been part of the effort to save this 150 year old Iconic New York City tradition.  I’ve learned a lot along the way.  Back in March I thought that one person could make a difference and I still believe that.  I have made a difference on this and other issues.  But I made a difference by working together with others.  I was the student voice on the carriage issue but many other voices played a part.

Finally, I consider many of the drivers my friends and that may be the best outcome of my efforts.


You can read the NY Daily News article on the Mayor’s defeat here