I’m Glad I Did It

I don’t have much time these days. School work has ramped up tremendously.  But this weekend with the sun shining and the leaves turning, I met one of my friends in Central Park where we decided to take a carriage ride.


I once again realized what an enormous loss the city would have suffered if this part of its history was lost.

That the Mayor would want to end this 150 year old tradition is still surprising to me.  The fact that two years after taking office he still refuses to meet with the drivers is inexplicable.  To have put the drivers and their families through two years of hell as they were left to wonder if they would lose their livelihood is inexcusable.


Taking a carriage ride on a day like yesterday, you can see why there is no better way to enjoy Central Park and why it is a top City attraction.  The majority of New Yorkers understood this and I’m glad the City Council realized it too.  

I’m proud of my effort to save the carriage horses.  There simply is no better way to enjoy Central Park. And if the Mayor ever met with the drivers he would realize that these are the hardworking New Yorkers he supposedly vowed to help when running for mayor.