New Delhi is not New York

In supporting the ban of the Central Park Carriage Horses, Mayor de Blasio recently stated that he’s seen  “a lot of other cities around the world” and cited New Delhi as an example of a city that has banned the horse drawn carriage.  

The implication being that New York City should become more like New Delhi.   

Now I have never been to New Delhi but a quick Google image search  should raise concern for all New Yorkers – if this is the paradise that Mayor de Blasio is looking to turn New York City into.  

The above frightens me.

The horse carriage trade has been part of the iconic New York City identity for decades and is a top tourist draw, providing millions of dollars in revenue to the City. 

Mr. Mayor, rather than looking to New Delhi as an example, let’s look to London and Paris  – places you originally cited as New York City’s main competitors for tourist dollars (until the inconvenient truth that they actually embrace the carriage trade popped up) –as cities we might want to emulate.

I believe I speak for not only the 300 hardworking carriage drivers, but for all New Yorkers when I say,  “New Delhi is not New York.”