When the Romance is Gone, What is Left?

Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex and the City is an iconic character in television history who helped define the modern woman living in New York City.

 She is witty, idealistic, articulate and bold – from her shoes to her column where she observes life and romance in the City.  A modern day feminist, with a closet of shoes to match,  Carrie is a self-starter and a leader among her group of friends. But when it comes to love, she is old-fashioned, always hoping for the best, but willing to wait an eternity to find her soul mate.

At a young age she fell in love with the glamour of New York City and never left. when she shut her eyes and imagined that  image of New York  the Central Park Carriage Horses were always there. 

How sad would be to loose that romantic part of New York?  How many will never become engaged in a carriage ride, how many children will never pet a horse, how many movie moments will be lost?  Would Carrie Bradshaw think of Big?  Would Santa have been saved  in “Elf”?  Would “The Muppets Take Manhattan” without the Horses?  Or would the “Manhattan” even be Manhattan without them?