Mr. Mayor, Driving a Carriage is NOT Immoral

Mayor Bill de Blasio, as rationale for his bid to end the 150 year old tradition of Central Park's Carriage Horses and with it destroy the livelihood of 300 hardworking New York City families called the industry and its drivers Immoral.

Today, I had the opportunity to speak out against his action at a Carriage Horse rally held on the steps of New York City Hall.  I joined with all the major New York City Labor Unions and Members of the NYC Council to #SaveNYCHorseCarriages. 

The text of my speech follows:

Mayor de Blasio has called these 300 NYers IMMORAL. Why? Because they drive a Horse Drawn Carriage through Central Park.

Mr. Mayor driving a carriage is NOT Immoral

What is immoral is ending 300 jobs for hardworking NYC families;

What is immoral is causing financial hardship on purpose for these men and their families;
What is immoral is taking them away from the animals who they love and care for;
What is immoral is ending a 150 year old NYC tradition;
What is immoral is ending the joy that the carriages bring to children of all ages; and
What is immoral is not listening to the 67% of NYers who want the carriages to stay

Join with me to tell the Mayor to SAVE OUR HORSES!