Horse Nonsense From City Hall

From the NY Times Editorial Board as posted on December 8th 2014.  The last sentence certainly gets if right.  We've pasted in the text of the article and are providing a link to the NYTimes editorial here

Here is something the New York City Council can do to end 2014 on a high note.

It can vote down Mayor Bill de Blasio’s effort to abolish carriage horses. It can give him the opportunity to move on from the foolish campaign promise to shut down the industry, made last year to a small, loud and financially generous group of horse-rights advocates.

Mr. de Blasio plans to offer a bill on Monday to phase out horse-drawn carriages by mid-2016, and nudge about 300 carriage drivers into new jobs as cabbies.

Details are lacking, but questions are many. Why eliminate an entire class of Teamsters union jobs? How will the horses escape slaughter? What will happen to the stables, on coveted property on the West Side of Manhattan? (Not for nothing do people wonder why the force behind NYClass, the group pushing the anticarriage crusade, is a real estate developer, Stephen Nislick.) And does this have anything to do with the $1 million ad campaign financed in part by NYClass to eliminate Mr. de Blasio’s main rival in the primary, then-Council Speaker (and carriage defender) Christine Quinn? Why are no advocates talking about getting rid of Police Department horses, which have tougher jobs than carriage horses?

A selective animal-rights pose is an odd position for Mr. de Blasio, who calls himself a defender of unions and small businesses, and whose job it is to promote the city as a place for tourists. Why wipe out a well-loved, well-regulated, law-abiding part of the tourist economy?

So many tough questions. One simple answer: Dump the bill. Keep the horses.