Save NYC's Central Park Horse Drawn Carriages:

A Beloved City Icon Risks Ban 


Mayor de Blasio wants to put an end to one of the city’s most beloved traditions – the Central Park Horse Drawn Carriages.   They’re a top tourist attraction, part of the fabric of city life and beloved by kids and adults alike.  Most importantly, the horse drawn carriages provide employment to 300 drivers and those who care for the horses, not to mention the hundreds of other business who rely on the traffic they bring to Central Park South.  We can’t risk the negative impact this change would bring to the city’s heritage, ambiance and economy. is a student run group established to save the Central Park Horse Drawn Carriages.  We can't do it alone

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Find out about our organization, our mission, as well as the drivers and horses who make up the Central Park Carriage Horses.

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