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IconicNYC is a student run 501(c)3 non profit.  Since our founding just over a year ago we have fought to keep the Central Park Carriage Horses, helped preserve the iconic Kentile sign in Brooklyn , and are now fighting to keep 100,000 children safe as part of our efforts around Asphalt Green.  We've appeared on New York's morning television shows and have been interviewed multiple times by the city's newspapers advocating the positions for which we believe. 

While we don't have salaries and rent we do have other expenses -- mainly postage, printing, graphic work, and of course fees.  There are always fees whether it is a bank fee or  registration as a nonprofit.

Take a look around on our site and see what we've been able to accomplish with virtually no support.  Many of our beloved NYC traditions and landmarks are vulnerable. Think of what we could do if we had even a little support. 

IconicNYC is a I.R.S. approved 501(c)3 non profit registered in New York State.  Your donation is fully tax deductible.


As seen on Good Day NY

As seen on Good Day NY

We need your help to continue our efforts!

As a student run group we have no salaries or rent.  100% of all monies are used to help save those iconic NYC traditions.

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