Iconic NYC is a 501 (c) 3 non profit group founded by a New York City high school student to protect NYC iconic traditions & landmarks. 



Iconic NYC is a student-run group originally established to save the Central Park Horse Drawn Carriages.  Our mission over the past year has expanded to help preserve other iconic NYC institutions and monuments and to fight for those least able to defend themselves -- children. A forum for NYC high school students, IconicNYC.org provides a platform for students to get involved in city life while learning to affect change. 

We originally started out fighting to keep the Central Park carriage horses. As a top tourist attraction and part of the fabric of city life, beloved by kids and adults alike, the carriages provide employment to 300 drivers (Members of the Teamsters Local 553), countless others related to their care and the businesses who depend on the them on and around Central Park South. 

The carriage horses have been part of Central Park and the New York City landscape, identity and imagination for decades. Countless films and television programs have included the carriage horses, marriage proposals made in 
them and for some kids the first chance to pet a horse.

They are part of iconic New York City

What I learned along the way in trying to help keep the Carriage Horses is that it is the people that make New York City such an incredible place.  The 300 men whose jobs I fought to protect are some of the most genuine people I have ever met.  I am proud to have helped them.  

New York, being New York, money and bureaucratic red tape conspire against the weakest and most vulnerable.  It is for this reason I am now fighting against the Marine Transfer Station in Yorkville. 500 garbage trucks entering this facility daily will result in 100,000 child truck interactions.  Children will be hurt or worse.  Politicians remain silent.  I cannot.



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